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華新科技2022年9 月份全球合併淨營收

儘管通路庫存仍高,整體需求緩慢,但部分客戶在黃金周長假前先行備貨。受此影響,華新科技 9 月份全球合併營收為新台幣 27.5 億。 較 8 月份些許增加 4.3%。 與去年9月相比減少19.9%。 整體累計營收亦較去年同期減少15.9%。

2022-11-07T14:11:11+00:00 十一月 7th, 2022|最新消息|

Walsin Technology honored with prestigious Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award

(Taoyuan, Taiwan) Walsin Technology was awarded the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA) in the corporate excellence category, a regional prestigious award presented to companies like Walsin for its operational excellence, value creation, leadership, responsible entrepreneurship and investment in people. The distinguished APEA award is a regional recognition program promoted by Enterprise Asia, the non-profit organization. The APEA aims to promote sustainable leadership, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship across 14 countries and markets including Taiwan, China and Malaysia.   Lee Ku, President of Walsin Technology, James Hung, [...]

2019-10-09T15:36:57+00:00 十月 9th, 2019|最新消息|

華新科技2019年6 月份全球合併淨營收

時值年中庫存調節與盤點,加上中美貿易戰造成的不確定性影響整體需求下滑,華新科技6月份全球合併淨營收為新台幣 23.7億,較5月相比減少 11.7%,與去年6月同期相比則減少44.6% ,整體累計營收較去年同期減少10.1%。

2019-07-08T15:15:10+00:00 七月 8th, 2019|最新消息|


全球經濟前景仍不明朗,終端客戶仍傾向保守下單以對,華新科技 4 月份全球合併淨營收為新台幣 28.3 億,較 3 月增加 0.8%,與去年 4 月相比減少 9.5%,整體累計營收較去年同期增加 13.3%。華新科技將持續調整、優化產品組合以為因應。

2019-06-06T15:10:53+00:00 六月 6th, 2019|最新消息|

Walsin Technology global consolidated sales for Dec 2018

Affected by year-end inventory control, less working days during the Christmas season and overall demand weakened, Walsin Technology global consolidated net sales totaled at NTD $3.03 billion in December, a decrease of 24.8% from November. Sales were up by 54.6% compared with the corresponding period of 2017. YTD cumulative revenues of Walsin increased by 121% compared to the same period of year 2017.

2019-01-14T15:39:29+00:00 一月 14th, 2019|最新消息|

Walsin Technology global consolidated sales for Nov 2018

Affected by the US-China trade war and channel destocking, demands from China weakened in November. Hence, Walsin Technology global consolidated net sales totaled at NTD $4.03 billion in November, resulting in a decrease of 15.5% from October and an 92.3% increase when compared to November 2017. YTD cumulative revenue of Walsin increased by 127.6% compared to the same period last year.

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