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Thin Film Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistor /WF.S Series


Pulse Withstanding
Size: 0402 ~ 1206
TCR: 25ppm ~ 50ppm
Tolerance: 0.1% ~ 1%
Power rating: 1/16W ~ 1/4W


Anti-Surge thin film resistor with limited resistant range from 1ohm to 30 ohm, low TCR, and tight tolerance, the best choice for smart meter and measuring instrument, etc,.
The resistors are constructed in a high grade ceramic body, and use sputter technology for thin film resistant layer. For environmental soldering issue, the outer layer of these end terminations is a Lead-free solder.


1. SMD metal thin film resistor
2. High reliability and stability of 0.5% and below per customer request
3. High performance of TCR: 50 & 25 ppm/C and below per customer request
4. Low current noise
5. RoHS compliant and lead free
6. Sulfuration resistant against ASTM B-809-95
7. Low resistance with superior pulse withstand ability
8. Meet the requirements of standards of specifications as IEC 60115-1 4.24.2, test 96 hours at 85℃/85%RH.
9. Meet the requirements of Q/GDW 11179.3-2014 Class C, 10ms application of a voltage 10 times RCWV