Detail Thick Film Triple Power Surge Chip Resistor (Automotive) 2019-01-30T10:29:52+00:00


Thick Film Triple Power Surge Chip Resistor (Automotive)


0603 – 1206, 1 – 1Mohm, ±5%, ±1%, ASTM B-809 50’C 1000hrs, AECQ200 comliant


Surge resistor is designed for high surge applications such as fuel ignition system, power charging/discharging circuits, TV sets, etc, to absorb harmful surge power, which prevent hazard of fire and circuit damage caused by surge power with a flame-proof coating. This resistor is also AEC-Q200 comliant, and qualified to STM B-809 50’C 1000hrs.


1. High Anti-Surge capability
2. Resistance Range: 1ohm ~ 1 Mohm
3. Chip Size: 0603-1206
4. Tolerance: ±5%, ±1%
5. AEC-Q200 comliant
6. STM B-809 50’C 1000hrs.