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Thick Film Low Ohm Current Sense Chip-Resistor


0402 – 2512, 0.01 – 0.976ohm, ±5%, ±1%, TC200 – 1500


Available in wild size range and resistance range, Walsin’s Thick Film Low Ohm Chip Resistor can be functioned as a current sensor (Rsense) to generate the sensing voltage (Vs) for the purpose of feedback control when output current (lo) passes on it. It is suitable for current sensing protection circuit applications with advantages of low cost, reliable quantity and fast mounting.


1. Wide product range from 0201~ 2512
2. Wide resistance range from 20mohm till 976mohm
3. Wide operating temperature from -55’C till +155’C
4. Multiple solutions per Size
5. High power rating upgraded per Size