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Safety Certificated Caps X2/Y3_(S3 series)


Safety Certified X2
1808 to 2220 Sizes
NP0, X7R
Peak impulse: 2500V


WTC’s SAFETY CERTIFIED CAPACITORS are designed for surge or lightning immunity. The S3 series is class X2 compliant respectively.
The green type capacitors in S3 series are manufactured by using environmentally friendly materials without lead or cadmium.
The terminations are composed of plated nickel and pure tin to feature the superior leaching resistance during soldering.


1. High reliability and stability.
2. Small size and high capacitance
3. RoHS compliant
4. Safety standard approval by
EN 60384-14 : 2013
IEC 60384-14 : 2013
UL 60384-14 (Ed 2.0)
5. Certificate number:
TUV: R50195920, TUV: R50381780
UL: E182369
6. HALOGEN compliant.