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Safety Certificated Caps X1/Y1_(AS series) 500Vac


■Capacitance Range : AH:10pF to 4700pF ; AC : 10pF to 10000pF ; AS: 100pF to 4700pF
■Capacitance Tolerance : ±0.25pF, ±0. 5pF, ±5%, ±10%, ±20%
■Operating Temperature Range : -40°C ~ +125°C
■Temperature Coefficient(C Max) : -1 000~+350ppml° C (SL). ±10%(Y5P),
+30~80%(Y5V), +20~55% (Y5U)
■Voltage Resistance : AH Type: X1 : 400Vac / Y1 : 400Vac or 250Vac ;
AC Type: X1 : 400Vac or 440Vac / Y2 : 250VaC or 300Vac
AS Type: X1 : 760Vac / Y1 : 500Vac
■Dissipation Factor(tan δ) : SL: 30pF & above: Q≥ 1000, Below 30pF: Q≥400+20xC
@20°C, 1MHz, 1±0.2Vrms
Y5P: tanδ=2.5% Max. @20°C, 1KHz, 1±0.2Vrms
Y5U: tanδ=2.5% Max. @20°C, 1KHz, 1±0.2Vrms
Y5V: tanδ=5.0% Max. @ 20°C, 1KHz, 1±0.2Vrms
■Insulation Resistance : 10000MΩ @500VDC, 60sec
■Dielectric Strength : 1500Vac for 60sec(AC TYPE)(For Lead Pitch=5.0mm)
2600Vac for 60sec(AC TYPE)(For Lead Pitch=7.5&10mm)
4000Vac for 60sec(AH,AS TYPE)(For Lead Pitch=10&12.5mm)


Safety Certified Capacitors are generally designed and used for AC line filtering in many
electronic devices and appliances. These capacitors are also known as EMI/RFI suppression
capacitors or AC Line filter safety capacitors. They prevent equipment and machinery from
sending and receiving electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Because of their
direct connections to AC lines, capacitor failure can sometimes result from exposure to
over-voltages and transients. Failure of an capacitor in an across-the-line connection would
not cause electrical shock, but it could open safety fuses or circuit breakers and cause fire.
In line-to-ground, a failure can lead to a potentially fatal electric shock because of the loss
of the ground connection. Various safety agencies closely monitor the performance of
safety capacitors by subjecting them to impulse voltage tests, endurance tests and active
flammability tests in order to ensure the performance and reliability of these devices.


■Compact size
■Cost effective products
■Ideal for across the line applications
■Safety Standard Recognized for AC applications
■Coated with flame-retardant epoxy resin (equivalent to UL94V-0 standards)
■RoHS Compliance
■Halogen free products are available