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■Capacitance Range : 1.0pF to 22μF
■Capacitance Tolerance : Within the specified tolerance.
■Operating Temperature Range : NPO:-55~+125(NPO), -55~+125°C (X7R) , -25~+85°C(X7R)
■Temperature Coefficient(ΔC Max) : 0±30(ppm/°C)(NPO), ± 15%(X7R), +30%~-80%(Y5V)
■Rated Voltage : 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 630, 1000, 2000, 3000 VDC
■Insulation Resistance(IR)@25°C : NPO:10,000MΩ Min. or 500Ω*F Min
X7R、Y5V:10GΩ Min or R‧C ≥ 500Ω.F(Whichever is smaller)
■Testing Parameters : NPO:>1000pF:1KHz±10% 1.0±0.2 Vrms
≤1000pF:1MHz±10% 1.0±0.2 Vrms
X7R、Y5V:C ≤10uF 1KHz±10% 1.0±0.2 Vrms C>10 uF 120Hz±20% 0.5±0.2 Vrms


Radial-Leaded, Epoxy-Dipped Multilayer ceramic capacitors are built by superior moisture
and shock resistant Epoxy coating, can be supplied in both bulk or tape package for automatic
insertion in printed circuit board. But must to avoid effect of external force when the capacitors
are used automatic insertion because the inner chips are very weak and easy broken.
Our RD series capacitors have wide application in computer, data Processor, telecom
communication, industrial control, and instrumentation equipment, etc.
(Epoxy coated: Flame resistance for UL94 V-0 Approved)


■MLCC Radial Lead Capacitor (RD) has wide application in computer, data processing, telecommunication, industrial control and instrumentation equipment
■The radial lead MLCC is built with superior moisture, and shock resistant epoxy coating material, can be supplied in both, bulk or taping form for automatic insertion
■RoHS Compliance
■Halogen free products are available