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High Power & Low TCR Current Sensor / TTL Series


Ultra Low Ohmic Current Sensor
Size: 0201 ~ 2512
TCR: 50ppm ~ 350ppm
Tolerance: 0.5% ~ 5%
Power rating: 1/10W ~ 2W


Metal Foil-Current Sensor Resistor, with low ohmic 2mR ~ 20mR for current senor application.
The resistors are constructed in a high grade ceramic body, and use metal foil as resistant layer to have low ohmic. For environmental soldering issue, the outer layer of these end terminations is a Lead-free solder.


1. Extra high power rating and low TCR.
2. Extra low resistance and high precision.
3. High component and equipment reliability
4. Low resistances applied to current sensing
5. RoHS compliant & Halogen Free.
6. Suitable for lead free soldering.