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0605 to 3225 Sizes
Working Frequency: DC to 5950 MHz
Insertion Loss(dB) : 0.25~ 4.5
Impedance (Ω) : 50 / 75


Filter series include Band pass filter, Low pass filter, High pass filter, and Banlanced filter product lines. Walsin series number: RFBPF, RFLPF, RFHPF, and RFBPB series. This type of products provide effective out band rejections for LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, MoCA, Docsis, Sub-1GHz applications according to different design concept in schematics. Multi-layer and Multi-materiel co-firing make more possibilities to achieve high out band noise attenuation requirements in a more complicated wireless device.


1. Low Profile Thickness
2. High Rejection
3. Low Insertion Loss
4. High attenuation on harmonic suppressed
5.Multilayer LTCC ( Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics ) Technology
6. Customization
7. RoHS Compliance
8. Halogens Free Product
9. Application
a. 2.4GHz BT/WiFi/Zigbee
b. 5G (generation)
c. 5G WiFi
d. Automotive
e. MoCA/Docsis
f. Telecom (2G/3G/4G)
g. Others