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Class II HI-K


■Capacitance Range : 100pF to 22000pF
■Capacitance Tolerance : ±10%(for Y5P), ±20%(for ZSU), +80% -20%(for Z5U&Z5V&Y5V)
■Operating Temperature Range : -25°C ~ +85°C (Y5P,Y5V) ; 10°C ~ +85°C (Z5U, Z5V)
■Rated Voltage : 50,100, 500,1000,2000,3000VDC
■Dissipation Factor(tan δ) : Y5P, Z5U tan δ ≤2.5%, Z5V, Y5V : tan δ ≤5.0%
■Insulation Resistance(IR)@25°C : 10,000 MΩMinimum or 200 MΩμF whichever is smaller
■Dielectric Strength : 50-500VDC: 2.5 times the rated WVDC, 1k, 2k, 3kVDC: 2 times the rated WVDC
■Testing Parameters : 1KHz ±20%, 1.0Vrms±0.2Vrms


Class II ceramic capacitors have a dielectric with a high permittivity and therefore a better volumetric efficiency than class I capacitors, but lower accuracy and stability. The ceramic dielectric is characterized by a nonlinear change of capacitance over the temperature range. The capacitance value also depends on the applied voltage. They are suitable for bypass, coupling and decoupling applications or for frequency discriminating circuits where low losses and high stability of capacitance are less important. They typically exhibit microphony.
However, the high permittivity supports high capacitance values in small devices. Class II capacitors are significantly smaller than class I devices at the equal rated capacitance and voltage. They are suitable for applications that require the capacitor to maintain only a minimum value of capacitance, for example, buffering and filtering in power supplies and coupling and decoupling of electric signals.


■Capacitance has non-linear temperature coefficient
■Large capacitance in small size
■Epoxy Coating for 1KV, 2KV and 3KV parts (equivalent to UL94V-0 standards)
■Wide range of general purposes applications
■RoHS Compliance
■Halogen free products are available