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Multi-Layer High Frequency Chip Inductor (AEC-Q200) / WQCM Series


Range:0.3nH ~ 470nH
Tolerance:± 0.1nH~± 5%


WQCM (AEC-Q200) is multi-Layer ceramic high frequency inductors. It offers wide range inductance and various tolerance options. The ceramic structure provides high reliability and productivity with Q and SRF characteristics for RF application. This series can be apply in following applications: EMI solution in high frequency circuits, communication system front-end circuit: GSM/3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, cable/Terrestrial/BS Tuner, Bluetooth, Wireless Audio, Remote control, M2M: ZigBee, Proprietary wireless.


1. General purpose RF inductor
2. Small size narrow tol., low inductance
3. RF matching, Filter, EMI filter

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