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Multi-Layer High Frequency Chip Inductor: MCI-HQ / WLCM Series


Range:0.3nH ~ 470nH
Tolerance:± 0.1nH~± 5%


MCI-HQ/WLCM Series is multi-Layer ceramic high frequency inductors . It offers wide range inductance and various tolerance options. The ceramic structure provides high reliability and productivity with Q and SRF characteristics for RF application. This series can be apply in following applications: EMI solution in high frequency circuits, communication system front-end circuit: GSM/3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, cable/Terrestrial/BS Tuner, Bluetooth, Wireless Audio, Remote control, M2M: ZigBee, Proprietary wireless.

The S Paramater of Walsin components is the data based on the actual measured S-parameters. And it uses the common Touchstone format, which makes it possible for most simulators to read the data when simulating circuits. This simulation model is not a guarantee of the product features. It is not responsible for any losses of any kind arising from use of this simulation model. And the content is subject to change without notice.


1. General purpose RF inductor
2. Small size narrow tol., low inductance
3. RF matching, Filter, EMI filter

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