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(1) Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Walsin Technology deeply understands the importance of safety in workplace and adopt the following policies with its employees’ physical health and workplace safety well considered.

— To prevent injury and occupational diseases from happening.
— To continually improve the OH&S management and OH&S performance.
— To comply OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) laws and other applicable legal requirements.
— To use PDIP as the framework to define objectives and appraise achievements in the OH&S objectives.

(2)Employee health

Walsin Technology is committed to maintaining and promoting the health of the workplace and employees, creating a smoke-free and maternity-friendly workplace, and actively obtaining the highest certification of health workplace – health promotion mark.

1.Health workplace certification

2.Health examination

At least once every two years, a health check is conducted to let colleagues know about their own health. In addition, employees who have abnormal health checkups are given health care, relevant health information, or referrals for referral.

3.Health promotion activities

— Cancer Screening
— Weight loss competition
— Health Station
— Health Information
— Health Lectures

(3) Environmental Protection

Walsin Technology Corporation is committed to the pursuit of sustainable development of the company, strictly abide by all domestic environmental protection laws and regulations and international environmental protection conventions; actively establish and implement environmental management systems and implement them in the company’s environmental safety and health policies.

Environmental Policy

Striving for industry leadership, Walsin Technology considers itself an indispensable force to the everlasting continuity of the earth. We understand that no single division may be left out of the environmental protection effort. We commit,

— To prevent pollution, committed feasibility continuing business.
— To continually improve the environmental management and environmental performance.
— To comply with environmental protection laws and other applicable legal requirements.
— To use PDIP as a framework to define objectives and review achievements in the environmental objectives.

(4) Green Products

Following the international requirements for green products, Walsin Technology Corporation actively researches and develops self-requirements to provide customers with green products that comply with international environmental regulations and customer regulations and obtain multi-party certification.

HSF (Hazardous Substance Free) Product Policy

Walsin Technology Corporation takes on the mission of protecting the earth and declares: “No use of illicit Hazardous Substance and no production of Hazardous products of any kind”.

— Every employee at Walsin is highly aware of the importance of reducing hazardous substance and proactively partakes in this worldwide goal.
— To that end, functions of R&D, supply chain management, material management, manufacturing and HR were all integrated into the existing quality system and constant process improvements were rendered to reach the goal of conforming with RoHS & WEEE & REACH policies.