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Walsin Technology Corporaion elects directors in accordance with the company law, the company’s articles of association and the company’s director election method. The current board of directors consists of seven directors (including three independent directors). The term of BOD is from June 15, 2022 to June 14, 2025, and the board of directors will be held regularly according to law. In order to establish a good governance system of the board of directors of the company, improve the supervisory function and strengthen the management function, the company’s board of directors procedures are formulated and followed in accordance with Article 26-3 Item 8 of the Securities and Exchange Act and the ” Regulations Governing Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings of Public Companies “.

Powers and responsibilities of the board of directors: The board of directors of the company is responsible to the shareholders’ meeting, and ensures that the board of directors exercises its functions and powers in accordance with laws and regulations, the company’s articles or the resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting for various operations and arrangements of the corporate governance system.

Board members and experience/concurrent positions as following:

TitleName Education and ExperienceCurrent position
DirectorChiao Yu-Heng
Golden Gate University MBA
Vice Chairman , Walsin Lihwa Corp
Chairman and CEO:
HannStar Board Corp, Global Brands Manufacture Ltd., Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc, Prosperity Dielectrics Co.
Chairman and Chief CEO:INFO-TEK Corp.
Walsin Lihwa Corp., Nitsuko Electronics Corp., Kamaya Electric Limited.
Corporation's Representative as director and Vice Chairman:
Career Technology (MFG.) Co., Ltd.
Corporation's Representative as director:
Inpaq Technology Co., Ltd.
Chairman: Silitech Technology Corp.
DirectorRepresentative of Walsin Lihwa Corporation:
Chia Yu-Cheng

University of Washington Masters of Electrical Engineer and Business Administration
Chairman, Nuvoton Technology Corp.
Chairman, Walsin Lihwa Corp.
Chairman and CEO:
Winbond Electronics Corp.
Winbond Electronics Corporation America、Walsin Lihwa Corp.
Nuvoton Technology Corp. Walsin Technology Corp, United Industrial Gases Co., Ltd, Song Yong Investment Corporation, Peaceful River Corp.
Winbond International Corp.
Independent director:Taiwan Cement Corp.
DirectorYeh Pei-Chen
Minghsin University of Science and Technology
Engineer of Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chairman: Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd, Giga-Byte Communications Inc, Giga Investment Co.
Corporation's Representative as director: BYTE International Co., Ltd, G-STYLE Ltd., Shun On Electronic Co., Limited, Spirox Corporation etc.
DirectorRepresentative of Oliver Co., Ltd.: Chu Yeu-Yuh
Master of Business. Administration, National Taipei University of Science and Technology
Manager of a foreign branch of Walsin Lihwa Corp., general manager of Walsin Technology Corp. and Global Brands Manufacture Ltd.
Director : HannStar Board Corporation; Corporation's representative as Director: Global Brands Manufacture Ltd.
Fan Po-Kang
Department of Accounting, University of California
Manager of Walsin Lihwa Corp.
Director of Walsin Color Corpo. Director of Hannstouch Solution Incorporated
Chairman of Chaintech Technology Corp.
Supervisor of Global Brands Manufacture Ltd.
Independent director:Walsin Technology Corp., Prosperity Dielectrics Co.
Tan Yong Chian
Department of Civil Engineering, Seattle University
Director of Hannstar Display Corp., Global Brands Manufacture Ltd.
Chairman of Beijing New World Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd
President of Dongguan Hannstar Electronics Co., Ltd.
President : Moxiq Object Sdn. Bhd.( Malaysia)
Independent director and member of Compensation Committee: Walsin Technology Corp. , Prosperity Dielectrics Co.
NG Chlen Chun
Department of Accounting, University of Washington
ACCENTURE SOLUTIONS SDN BHD, KUALA Director Of Accenture Solutions Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Financial and operations management at Accenture
Consultant Of Deloitte Consulting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Director :Infoguide Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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