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Human Resources Policies

WTC always promotes and supports human rights, including equal employment opportunities, prohibition against discrimination and/or harassment based on race/ethnicity, gender, sexual preference/orientation, age, religion, or disability as provided by law. We also maintain affirmative action plans, training programs, activities and procedures that comply with government requirements and corporate standards. Formulate relevant human rights protection and labor policies and implement relevant measures. In addition, we encourage employees to achieve company objectives in regards to environment safety and integrity by doing the following:
● Hiring and recruiting employees according to competency required by the position Retaining and attracting diverse and best possible talents to work as a team.
● Providing training, education and educational assistance to employees. Support personal and professional development.
● Recognizing and rewarding excellence in employees’ performance and contribution to the company. Knowing personal productivity accounts for team productivity.
● Encouraging open communication between employees and their superiors concerning their performance and potential professional growth. Using internal meetings, labor union, intranet bulletin and formal announcements to express company vision, objectives and policies.
● Providing a safe workplace that complies with government policies and requirements. In addition, allocating appropriate resources to implement programs for work-related accident/injury prevention.
● We are dedicated to giving back to the community by encouraging employee involvement in community services. WTC Charity Club is the internal overseeing organization.