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1.Learning and development

Walsin Technology Corporation provides a variety of on-the-job training and learning pathways, which meets the needs of the organization development and personal interests and qualities. Our learning and development helps you deepen your expertise and strengthen your management skills, which makes you grow and develop your career.

✔ New employee orientation:

Corporate culture and integration in the organization environment

✔ Professional training:

It contains sixteen major topics

✔ General training:

Time management, stress management, language training, health lecture, financial lecture, parent-child lecture.

✔ Management courses:

Operational supervision management, middle-level supervision management, administrative supervision management, on-site supervision management.

✔ Work rotation:

Walsin Technology Corporation puts a great emphasis on cultivating a wide range of skill sets of employees by encouraging employees to learn from working in different departments.

✔ Overseas assignment:

Walsin Science and Technology provides the opportunity for colleagues to be appointed overseas. This unique opportunity is another stage for colleagues to experience and practise capabilities and thus enrich their international visions and increase the competitiveness of the company and individuals.

2.Training system

Walsin Technology Corporation believes that through an effective training system, employees will benefit more from their work and also improve their performance. The company provides a range of training courses, including face-to-face courses and also self-directed online courses. Course activities include case study, group discussion, etc to make learning more vivid, lively, and more productive. Online courses also enable employees to carry out learning activities at anytime and anywhere effectively.

3.Diverse training channels

Employees can enrich their professional life at anytime and anywhere through diverse training channels, including: