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Profit sharingThe amount of profits we share with employees is based on
the operation status of the company, company
regulations, individual contributions and
Incentive bonusRewarded based on the company’s status and employee
Gatekeeper Bonus Rewarded based on the BU‘s status and employee’s
Year end BounsRewarded based on the company’s status and employee’s performance.


Insurance and protection. Labor insurance
. National Health Insurance
. Group insurance (covers life insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization insurance, cancer insurance, etc.)
. Oversea travel insurance and expatriate insurance
. Regular health checkup
. Monthly pension contribution
. Retirement payment and compensation payment
Subsidy. Wedding and funeral subsidy
. Travel subsidy
. Subsidy for employee association activity
. Childbirth subsidy
. Physical examination subsidy for managers
. Hospitalization relief payment
. Rental subsidy
. Scholarship for employees
. Emergency loan
Other Benefits . Cash gifts or gift certificates for three major Chinese festivals
. Birthday gift certificate
. Gift certificates for the Labor Day
. Restaurant certificates/ free movie tickets
. Gifts for Mother’s Day
. Special offers and good deals from co-operative stores
. Commemorative gold coins for senior employees
. Lectures on lifestyle, personal growth, personal financing and investment, travel and tourism, etc.

. Year-end lucky draw
. Welfare activities

Corporate Pension Plan

In accordance with the local labor law, Walsin Tech. Corp. provides “old”and
“new” retirement pension plans.

. Employees who applies the old pension scheme of the Labor Standards Law,
in addition to the provision of retirement allowance at 3% of the total monthly salary, the annual quota will be reviewed regularly.

. Employees who applies the new pension scheme of the Labor Standards Law
can choose to submit 6% to personal retirement account. Also, all employees
can be based on personal willingness to contribute certain amount of monthly
salary which is under 6% to the individual pension account.