Detail Thick Film Chip Resistor Array 0402*4, Concave type 2019-01-29T14:40:46+00:00


Thick Film Chip Resistor Array 0402*4, Concave type


8P4R, 0402*4, 1/16W, 10-1Mohm, ±5%, ±1%,


The chip-resistor array is constructed in concave type with strong termination and body strength, giving excellent self-alignment ability and reducing solder bridging issues. Available in sizes WA06T( 0603×4), WA04T(0402×4), and WA04U (0402×2), the chip array brings benefit of saving mounting space and reducing the mounting cost, which offers a win-win solution to space-concerned applications.


1. High reliability and stability
2. Reduced size of final equipment
3. Lower assembly cost and higher surface mounted efficiency
4. Higher component and equipment reliability
5. Strong body and terminations
6. Excellent performance in surface mounting assembly.