Detail SMD Ferrite Chip Bead (High Current) / WLBD(HC) Series 2020-12-30T17:07:56+00:00


SMD Ferrite Chip Bead (High Current) / WLBD(HC) Series


Size: 1005~4532
Range:10Ω~ 1300Ω


WLBD(HC) Series is for general purpose and high current bead for electronic devices.
The monolithic inorganic material construction and closed magnetic circuit avoids crosstalk which have effectively filtering capability over a wide range of frequency.
We also provide high current version which is combination of high frequency noise suppression with capability of handing high current. The current rating up to 6 Amps with low DCR.


1. Hi-Current bead for any electronic device.
2. Multi-Layer Process with high stability in reflow process
3. Standard Chip size

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