WTC BME MLCC General Introduction

  1. The first successful Taiwan vendor in developed and mass production BME MLCC since y2000 !!!
  2. To perform the following core technologies development within 3 months :

1.           a\.   in hardware       : Reducing atmosphere kiln setup and released.

2.           b\.   in process  : Optimize process condition in both atmosphere and temperature.

                                : Thin ceramic foil casting and high precision stacking technology.

3.           c\.   in material : Dielectric powder and metal paste optimization to match in between.

4.           d\.   in application    : High capacitance 1uF~22uF MLCC mass production, to replace Tantalum capacitors.

  1. Target to year 2003 :

5.           a\.   To be one of the global BME High capacitance MLCC technical leaders.

6.           b\.   To be the major and total solution supplier of communication components by applying BME technology and material.

7.           c\.   To achieve more efficiency productivity by integrated overall production equipment as automatically.

BME (Base Metal Electrodes) v.s. Noble Pd Based MLCC

Core Technology of BME MLCC within WTC

Core Technology

What for

R&D Central in WTC



Dielectric material development

. Better Yield

. High capacitance MLCC



Wet processing (thinner foil/stacking accuracy)

. Super Hi-cap



Sintering atmosphere Control

. Better Reliability



Curing atmosphere Control

. Better Mechanical and thermal behavior



O : Technology development center          X : Member

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